Dark roast


Developed roast notes leading to bold and high intensity flavour notes like bitter chocolate, liquorice and black pepper.

Cimaa means ‘Strong’ in Oromo, the language that inspired our name - Waaqa.

You’ll love our Dark Roast coffees.

Dark Roast beans unleash the bold and long lasting aroma, with thick body and creamy texture, as intrinsic flavours surrender to the roast. From the smoky darkness comes bitter chocolate, liquorice and black pepper flavour notes.

Intense bitterness overrules acidity and sweetness, for the rich tasting cup and perfect base for milk drinks to unlock sweetness.

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Meet our local Roasters

Our talented local UK Roasters spill the beans on what drives them to craft their unique specialty roasts.

Volcano Coffee WorksVolcano Coffee Works

Volcano Coffee Works

South London

Redemption RoastersRedemption Roasters

Redemption Roasters

Hemel Hempstead

Rounton Coffee RoastersRounton Coffee Roasters

Rounton Coffee Roasters

North Yorkshire

Kiss the HippoKiss the Hippo

Kiss the Hippo