Grind Fresh PRO Bundle

This bundle is all you need to get set like a PRO to grind fresh, make pour-over and explore your taste with two different coffees.


  • 1 x Wilfa Svart silver electric grinder recommended for filter, french press, Aeropres and other slow brew methods

  • 1 x Hario V60 dripper set in black, size 02. It includes Hario V60 "funnel" coffee maker, a matching coffee scoop and 40 filter papers

  • 1 x Hario V60 Drip kettle for easy pouring

  • 1 x 200g bag of The Mount blend by Volcano Coffee Works

  • 1 x 200g bag of Benedict blend by Old Spike

Great tools and delicious coffees are complimented by the tips from Waaqa experts to guide your tasting experiences.

Electric GrinderBenedict BlendThe Mount Blend
Electric Grinder
Benedict Blend
The Mount Blend



2x 200-250g curated specialty coffees

Choose your coffee type

This box is available as whole beans or ground.

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A word from one of our Waaqa experts


"Awarded the Independent’s INDY BEST BUY award, the Wilfa Svart Aroma is one of the best coffee grinders on the market today. It is a high quality unit, with a low speed motor which creates less heat whilst grinding. This ensures the delicate aromatic compounds found in coffee are preserved, meaning tastier brews. Small footprint and sleek design makes this grinder a great addition to the coffee connoisseur’s kitchen. It can't go quite fine enough for espresso, however it works really well for all filter and immersion brewing methods. To get the best taste from your Hario V60 coffee brew, rinse the paper filter with boiling water before use. This will minimise any paper taste getting through to the end brew and allow the coffee to filter through easier. The Hario V60 Drip Kettle AIR design makes pouring easy, with a surprisingly lightweight feel and transparent material that allows you to see the movement of the water. We've put together 2 different coffees in our Discovery box deliberately for you to experience different sides of taste spectrum, different intensity and flavour notes. Both are versatile and can be enjoyed black or with milk."

Can't get enough?

Create a personal coffee plan within a few minutes

Electric GrinderBenedict BlendThe Mount Blend
Electric Grinder
Benedict Blend
The Mount Blend

What's in the box?

Every delivery 2 new coffees from UK Roasters

Coffee information card & brewing tips

Nicely wrapped in a letterbox-friendly package

Meet our local Roasters

Our talented local UK Roasters spill the beans on what drives them to craft their unique specialty roasts.

Old SpikeOld Spike

Old Spike

Peckham, London

Volcano Coffee WorksVolcano Coffee Works

Volcano Coffee Works

South London