Surprise box dark & rich

Do you love the intense roasted, nutty and dark chocolate bitter notes with not much acidity? Not sure which box to pick? If you enjoy the element of surprise, then we've got the perfect box for you with darker roast coffees picked by Waaqa experts from a wide selection to match and stretch your taste buds!


  • 2 x 200-250g curated specialty coffees from Medium to Dark profiles

  • Showcasing 2 talented UK roasters in each box

  • Delivered free in a letterbox-friendly packaging

  • Which ones remain a mystery until delivered through your letterbox

Surprise Box - Dark & Bolt



2x 200-250g of curated specialty coffee

This box will come as whole beans only

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Surprise Box - Dark & Bolt

What's in the box?

Every delivery 2 new coffees from UK Roasters

Coffee information card & brewing tips

Nicely wrapped in a letterbox-friendly package