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Medium Roast -


Enjoy two complex espresso blends with balanced sweetness, acidity & bitterness

Medium RoastSixth DayThe Yard
Medium Roast
Sixth Day
The Yard


2x 200-250g curated specialty coffees

This box will come as whole beans only

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This selection features two complex medium roast blends. They are particularly suited for espresso brewing, and also work well with milk. While the components of Sixth Day by Grindsmith will change seasonally, the intention is always to combine origins and roast profiles which emphasise sweetness and balance. The Yard is a bright and juicy espresso blend from Redemption Roasters. It is roasted and packed inside HMP The Mount, which helps reduce reoffending rates.

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Medium RoastSixth DayThe Yard
Medium Roast
Sixth Day
The Yard

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Every delivery 2 new coffees from UK Roasters

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Grindsmith Coffee RoastersGrindsmith Coffee Roasters

Grindsmith Coffee Roasters


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Redemption Roasters

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