Discovery Duo Selection

We believe coffee taste is personal, like perfume actually. It isn't static either - your coffee palette develops as you try different coffees. We've put this selection for the curious drinkers who want to explore their taste with 2 different coffees showcasing contrasting taste profiles. This is also a great gift for the coffee lover in your life! Available to be ordered as whole bean or ground for cafetiere.


  • 1 x 200g Benedict blend by Old Spike showcasing a lighter roast bursting with fruity & floral flavours

  • 1 x 200g The Mount blend by Volcano Coffee Works showcasing a rich darker roast with typical sweet caramel & milk chocolate notes

  • Tasting card from our Waaqa experts to guide your tasting exploration.

2 x 200g of curated specialty coffee

Discovery Duo SelectionBenedict BlendThe Mount Blend
Discovery Duo Selection
Benedict Blend
The Mount Blend



2x 200-250g curated specialty coffees

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This box is available as whole beans or ground.

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A word from one of our Waaqa experts


Discovery selection offers you an opportunity to expose your palette to contrasting taste profiles. And perhaps also experiment with different brewing methods as we think different coffees shine more when prepared in a certain way! Mild & subtle Benedict blend delights us with its distinct fruity-lemon, nutty and sweet toffee notes. We loved it prepared as a double shot fruity espresso - perfect for a mid-morning break. We think it is fantastic with or without milk, hot or iced! The Mount Blend is a versatile and easy-going coffee thanks to its low-acidity, subtle sweetness and the way it captures the rich flavours of South American coffee. We love its complex flavours of rich caramel, sweet red grapes and silky milk chocolate - you can even pick up some fruity notes of blackcurrant and cherry. It works well both for espresso or filter cups and a great choice when you enjoy adding milk to your coffee.

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Discovery Duo SelectionBenedict BlendThe Mount Blend
Discovery Duo Selection
Benedict Blend
The Mount Blend

What's in the box?

Every delivery 2 new coffees from UK Roasters

Coffee information card & brewing tips

Nicely wrapped in a letterbox-friendly package

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Our talented local UK Roasters spill the beans on what drives them to craft their unique specialty roasts.

Old SpikeOld Spike

Old Spike

Peckham, London

Volcano Coffee WorksVolcano Coffee Works

Volcano Coffee Works

South London