Weekend Special

These coffees are picked for a laid back weekend when you have that extra time to honour special beans, take the time to brew mindfully and savour every sip. Both coffees in this box are Lighter roasts showing off those elegant crisp, floral and citrus tasting notes we love so much in Speciality Coffees!

Developed roast notes leading to nuanced and more intense flavour notes like dark fruits, nuts, spice and toffee.

Weekend specialAcaciaBeshasha
Weekend special

A word from one of our Waaqa experts


If you're up for experiencing more unusual, refined and elegant flavours, then Beshasha by Wolfox and Acacia blend by Perky blenders will be sure to delight. I'd recommend brewing these as filter or pour-over with V60 at a ratio of 15-18g of ground coffee to 250ml of water for a clean, bright cup that is best enjoyed black.

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Weekend specialAcaciaBeshasha
Weekend special

What's in the box?

Every delivery 2 new coffees from UK Roasters

Coffee information card & brewing tips

Nicely wrapped in a letterbox-friendly package

Meet our local Roasters

Our talented local UK Roasters spill the beans on what drives them to craft their unique specialty roasts.

Wolfox Organic Coffee RoastersWolfox Organic Coffee Roasters

Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters


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Perky Blenders

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