Arnhem Blend by Old Spike

200g seasonal espresso blend featured in Waaqa Ifa - Light Roast box

Flavour notes


Red berries and apple with milk chocolate sweetness

Taste profile


Balanced acidity & sweetness



Nicaragua, Ethiopia

Roast level


Light roast






Washed, Naturel

A word from one of our Waaqa experts


Arnhem blend is a light intensity coffee which we love as filter brew. Bursting with fruity flavours of red berries and apple, it is perfectly balanced with sweet notes of milk chocolate. We'd recommend using about 18g of ground coffee to 250ml water for a generous filter brew. And it works well as a fruity espresso too!

Brewing methods



Filter coffee machine

Cafetière (French press)

The roaster

Old Spike

Peckham, London

Old Spike is UK’s first social enterprise speciality coffee roastery combining excellent coffee with a strong social and environmental ethos. Established in 2015 as a community interest company, 65% of our profits are going directly towards training, supporting and employing those experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. As a carbon neutral certified business, sustainability is one of our core values (alongside quality and social impact) and for every bag of coffee sold we plant a tree, in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to help reverse the effects of global warming and deforestation.