Barn Door Blend by Curious Roo Coffee Roasters

250g blend featured in Waaqa Laafaa - Light/Medium Roast box

Flavour notes


Red apple & blackcurrant notes, nutty with milk chocolate sweetness

Taste profile


High acidity & moderate sweetness



Brazil & Columbia

Roast level


Light/Medium roast






Pulped naturel & washed

A word from one of our Waaqa experts


Barn Door blend works well from an espresso to milk based drinks. With notes of milk chocolate and caramel sweetness, this coffee is sure to please. Pay attention and you will notice incredible notes of red apple. We'd recommend using about 18g of ground coffee to 250ml water for a generous filter brew. And we love it as a fruity espresso too!

Brewing methods

Manual espresso machine

Moka pot

Cafetière (French press)

Bean-to-cup (Full automat)

The roaster

Curious Roo Coffee Roasters

Chiswick, London

We’re Curious Roo. We’re dedicated to experimenting with coffee to create new, perfectly balanced speciality roasts and we have come up with some that the industry thinks are pretty special. Our expert roasters mix the best beans with their insatiable curiosity and heaps of passion to create outstanding coffee.