Benedict Blend by Old Spike

200g seasonal espresso blend featured in Waaqa Laafaa - Light/Medium Roast box

Flavour notes


Fruity lemon & nutty notes with toffee sweetness

Taste profile


High acidity & moderate sweetness



Brazil/Timor - Leste

Roast level


Light/Medium roast






Red Honey & Washed

A word from one of our Waaqa experts


Mild & subtle Benedict blend delights us with its distinct fruity-lemon, nutty and sweet toffee notes. We loved it prepared as a double shot fruity espresso - perfect for a mid-morning break. We think it is fantastic with or without milk, hot or iced!

Brewing methods

Manual espresso machine

Moka pot

Cafetière (French press)

Bean-to-cup (Full automat)

The roaster

Old Spike

Peckham, London

Old Spike is UK’s first social enterprise speciality coffee roastery combining excellent coffee with a strong social and environmental ethos. Established in 2015 as a community interest company, 65% of our profits are going directly towards training, supporting and employing those experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. As a carbon neutral certified business, sustainability is one of our core values (alongside quality and social impact) and for every bag of coffee sold we plant a tree, in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to help reverse the effects of global warming and deforestation.