Guatemala - Golden Flakes of Jumay by Deluxe Coffeeworks

250g single origin coffee featured in Waaqa Madaallii - Medium Roast box

Flavour notes


Grapefruit notes balanced with intense chocolate & hints of roasted almonds

Taste profile


High acidity balanced with bitterness, overlayed with chocolate sweetness



Jutiapa region, Guatemala

Roast level


Medium Roast







A word from one of our Waaqa experts


This single origin coffee from the Jutiapa region in Guatemala has a complex profile, bursting with intense chocolatey and citrusy flavours. Dark cocoa, orange zest & hints of roasted almonds will be more prominent when brewed as espresso. Full immersion brewing in cafetiere will accentuate the brighter grapefruity citrusy notes. This coffee works well with and without milk.

Brewing methods

Cafetière (French press)

Filter coffee machine

Moka pot

Bean-to-cup (Full automat)

The roaster

Deluxe Coffeeworks

Acton, London

We can trace our roots back to Wellington, New Zealand. That cool, funky place where the Havana Coffee empire was built. In fact, we are named after one of the oldest and most famous cafes in Wellington.Since our inception in 2009, over a couple of beers, between our founders Carl and Judd, we have grown into a one-of-a-kind coffee roaster and coffee shop destination in Southern Africa and London, with even bigger ambitions. We may have started as a backyard roaster, but we are of the spark that created the explosion of the coffee culture we have in South Africa today. We have a strong oral tradition. Our stories are told and retold, and become part of the fabric of our clan. We assimilate our people. There are no hard and fast rules. Boundaries are clearly drawn but within that is complete freedom of expression, where individual personalities can flourish. We are human after all, not robots! Here there are no script to regurgitate. We talk from experience, and with love and passion.That energy as a business permeates everything we do. There is something intangible, a certain magic or alchemy that permeates our organisation. Alchemy that is made up of people, attitude, and a true passion for coffee, and making people happy every day.