The Yard by Redemption Roasters

250g espresso blend featured in Waaqa Madaallii - Medium Roast box

Flavour notes


Caramel sweetness with notes of orange & juicy plum

Taste profile


Balanced acidity, sweetness & bitterness



Colombia / Guatemala / Rwanda

Roast level


Medium Roast







A word from one of our Waaqa experts


We love the Yard's complex flavour notes balancing fruity orange & juicy plum with caramel sweetness and spices. This coffee boasts medium intensity and is a great option for a punchy, thick body espresso. It works well for all milk-based drinks.

Brewing methods

Manual espresso machine

Moka pot

Bean-to-cup (Full automat)

Cafetière (French press)

The roaster

Redemption Roasters

Hemel Hempstead

Redemption Roasters is the world’s first prison-based coffee company. All of Redemption’s coffee is roasted at their roastery inside HMP The Mount, proving the company ethos that ‘exceptional coffee can come from people and places you wouldn’t expect’. Existing to reduce reoffending through coffee, Redemption runs barista academies in three prisons alongside a community coffee school training people at risk of crime.