Beshasha by Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters

250g single origin organic coffee featured in Waaqa Ifa - Light Roasted selection

Flavour notes


Delicate citrus lemon flavours with floral aroma & hints of raisins

Taste profile


High acidity balanced with sweet & light roasted notes



Western Ethiopia

Roast level


Light/Medium roast







A word from one of our Waaqa Experts


Beshasha is a very clean and delicate coffee showcasing the best of Ethiopia origin. With high citrus lemony acidic notes balanced with floral aroma and hints of raisins, this coffee makes moderate intensity cup and is a great choice for filter brew. We think it's best enjoyed black.

Single Origin


Western Ethiopia

Beshasha has a cup scope of 87, is grown at altitude of 2,040 and produced by Mustefa Abakeno, a smallholder farm producer in the land near Agaro, Western Ethiopia. Due to lack of water in the area, Mustefa ferments the pulped coffee for a short period before he moves it to his drying beds and the result is something likea light honey. The small wet mill he set up (called Beshasha) is used to process his own coffee. Due to subtle differences in location and microclimate, Beshasha almost exclusively process washed coffees in the area.

Beshasha Origin

Brewing methods



Filter coffee machine

Cafetière (French press)

The roaster

Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters


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