Sir Deercaf by Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters

250g single origin organic decaf coffee featured in Waaqa Malee - Decaf selection

Flavour notes


Distinct roasty and nutty flavour with light citrus and dark chocolate notes

Taste profile


Strong nutty & roasted character with developed bitterness



San Fernando, Peru

Roast level


Medium/Dark roast






Sparkling Water

A word from one of our Waaqa Experts


Sir Deercaf makes an intense, full-bodied cup bursting with distinct roasted and nutty character complimented by light citrus notes and balanced with dark chocolate bitter-sweetness. Choosing decaf does not mean making sacrificies on taste and Sir Deercaf certainly doesn't disappoint! It works well with and without milk and is equally enjoyable brewed as espresso or filter.

Brewing methods

Cafetière (French press)

Manual espresso machine

Moka pot

Bean-to-cup (Full automat)

The roaster

Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters


In a competitive and complicated world, often driven by quantity rather than quality, we like to keep things simple. We are all about an enjoyable coffee experience which is achieved through some basic principles: Taste, Quality, Sustainablility and Organic.