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Frequently asked questions

Every month we will select two 200-250g bags of whole bean coffees (~25 cups) from two different local UK roasters, matched to your taste profile.

You can choose a delivery frequency to match your needs, e.g., once every month or once every two weeks. Deliveries within the same month will receive the same selection.

The selection will be refreshed each month to spotlight different coffees and roasters. You will hear what's included in the next selection around two days before the next delivery.

Waaqa selects the best coffees roasters that are available locally in the UK, with an eye on passion and sustainability.

Hence, you'll be supporting local independents and their communities within the UK.

Your Waaqa exploration box will come standard with specialty whole bean coffees to maintain their freshness and flavour. Freshly ground coffee equals twice the taste! As soon as the beans are ground, up to 800 different aromas are released — yet after a few minutes, half of them vanish into thin air. That’s why, to get the most out of your unique speciality coffee, you should always grind it yourself and ideally just before preparing your coffee.

However, for your convenience we've also recently made a selection of our boxes available in ground for cafetière. This option will be highlighted on the box detail page.

Each Waaqa exploration box features 2 bags of 200-250g of whole beans. Depending on how strong you like your coffee, that's about 25 cups based on our recommendation for 18g prepared in a French Press.

Every month we select 2 different coffees from 2 local UK roasters to showcase in our exploration boxes. Each box selection is matched to a specific Taste Profile offering you exploration within the same taste family - yet 2 coffees will help you discover even more variety of blends, single origins as well as different flavour notes.

This depends very much on how many cups you enjoy every day and to maintain coffee freshness we would recommend choosing delivery frequency that suits you best. For example, if you enjoy 1 cup everyday, 1 box with 2 bags of 250g whole beans will last you approximately 4 weeks. For 2 cups a day, choose delivery every 2 weeks.

Each month the selection will be refreshed to spotlight different coffees and roasters but if you choose weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, you will get the same selection for all deliveries within the month.

If you're looking to grind enough for 1-2 cups at a time, a manual grinder with ceremic burrs is a good way to start enjoying beans - we recommend Hario “Smart G Transparent” or Hario "Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Grinder". If you're grinding for several cups and for more than one coffee lover, investing into an electric grinder is well worth the investment - a good option to check out is Wilfa “WSCG-2”.

We work closely with our roasting partners to ensure the coffee reaches you as quickly as possible after its roasting date. This is usually within few weeks, so it will smell and taste great.

You're fully in control. To pause or skip a delivery you can log into your account and manage your own subscription details (payment details, address, frequency).

This way you have full flexibility to pause or change the frequency of your plan.

If questions, please always feel free to contact us at info@waaqacoffee.com

We are sorry you wish to leave us - to cancel your subscription please log into your account to manage your own subscription details (payment details, address, frequency). This way you have full flexibility to pause, cancel or change the frequency of your plan.

Please drop us a note at info@waaqacoffee.com. We'd love to get your feedback on how we can improve.

Our boxes have been specially selected to feature 2 bags of coffee from 2 roasters. If you're not ready to subscribe, you can still puchase a one off Waaqa box to try it out.

You will receive an email from our delivery partner EVRI with tracking information of your order. If you have any questions about your delivery, you can also contact us directly via info@waaqacoffee.com

Our exploration boxes are filled with 2 coffees, freshly roasted by our talented UK roasters. We order direct from the roasters, maintaining this freshness throughout our own packing and distribution, sending you a box that our couriers can fit through you letterbox, so you can still safely take deliveries even when you are not at home.

Our exploration boxes are specially designed to meet the UK's standard letterbox size. We will exclusively use this format where our roasters bespoke packaging formats allow, where this is not possible we will let you know that a standard box will be used.

1. Click "Gift it" button. You purchase the box for gifting, adding a personalized message and the recipients email address

2. Gift Notification. The recipient receives details of the gift via email with a personalized message from your side

3. Recipient claims gift. The box will be packed and delivered to the recipient. You will get a notification the gift is claimed.

We accept Credit card and ApplePay for now

We're passionate about coffee. To us, it's a gift from the heavens! In fact, that's how we found our name. The Oromo tribes of Ethiopia obviously loved it as much as we do, because they believed that any old plant can grow with sun and water, but coffee beans will only grow when watered by the tears of a God. Which God, you ask? That would be the Sky God - Waaqa.

We share our know-how and passion for the world of specialty coffee to help all coffee enthusiasts to keep exploring the best tastes, blends, methods and knowledge of coffee, with confidence.

Waaqa is here to open up the world of specialty coffee for every enthusiast. With personal, tailored guidance we want to enable them to go from a world of too many speciality roasts to only the roasts that are ‘special for me’.

We’ve listed some brewing methods and how they work. Different brewing methods give us a different flavour profile so our tastebuds stay alert. Afterall, we crave variety! Take a look at our methods in the following link and make sure to pick your favourites.

To get going on our journey, we need good coffee brewing equipment, methods and machines. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a guide on everything you need so you can choose which methods tickle your fancy. Can you tell we’re excited to share our secrets? Let’s get started! Click on this link

If you have any questions, you can mail us at info@waaqacoffee.com

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