Coffee Roasters: What They Really Do & Why We Love Them

Coffee roasters make and serve great coffee. But did you know that their work combines art and science to bring out the best aromas and flavours? Find out more.

If you’re an avid member of the coffee community then you may already be friendly with one or two local coffee roasters. No doubt you’ve ordered your chosen coffee from them and watched in awe as they do their magic before presenting you with the perfect blend! So, what is it about them that makes our coffee so delicious? If you’re unsure about the ins and outs of the process and want to learn more about what a coffee roaster does, then this guide is the one for you. Take a quick read and discover all you need to know about the expertise and passion of coffee roasters, so the next time you get your coffee, you can appreciate them that little bit more!

What is coffee roasting?

Essentially, coffee roasting is taking the green coffee bean and turning it into consumable coffee – very complex indeed. The process of roasting is the way in which the famous flavour profile of coffee is created. This is achieved by stunting the green coffee bean and therefore changing its taste.

What is a coffee roaster?

Coffee roasters are the artists of the coffee-community, they first have to select and source the best green beans that they want to use and magnify. They do it in the same way as an artist paint will choose his colours to create a new art piece. They are also the mad scientists of coffee, who respect their farmers, customers and their coffee. They are masters of the roasting process that turns green coffee beans into the different levels of coffee roast ready for your favourite drinks.

Roasters are coffee experts, carefully controlling the temperature and humidity at every step

When we say science, we tend to think, goggles, Bunsen burners and sparks, but the science of roasting coffee is oftentimes more of an art form than a scientific endeavour. There are hundreds of chemical reactions that take place when roasting a batch of coffee, and having control of these reactions can be quite tricky. There are small changes that dramatically alter the final cup that we all love and adore. Small changes such as temperature, humidity, time and airflow are all crucial to the roasting process.

Coffee roasters are artists creating unique tasting profiles

The secret to being one of the best coffee roasters is this: they allow their personalities to run through their blends, pick up those unique flavours, and give you a mouthfeel like no other – are your taste buds tingling yet? Ours are!

There are a few key areas where master coffee roasters excel in: from the quality of their brew, to the machines they use, to the testing and processes they choose to go with. This all comes down to the specific taste and requirements of the coffee roasters.

So, the heart of a good cup of coffee really does boil down to the individual roaster. If you are used to drinking a certain coffee from a specific coffee roaster, you may taste a slight difference if you order the same coffee, but from a different roaster. It is all about personality, and as we know in the coffee world, coffees and personalities go hand-in-hand.

What do coffee roasters really do?

The secret to being a great roaster is made up of many complex phases, (so, pen and paper at the ready!) it also requires precise coffee equipment and the backing of science, to create those all-indulgent coffee flavours we know and love.

Sorting, roasting, cooling, and packaging are the steps of the roasting process. It is all, however, in the heat and how it is applied. The reactions from the bean to the hot water are sensitive, so turning up the heat to full thwack won’t be a sensible option.

How to become a coffee roaster?

If you have ever watched coffee roasters in action, then you will know how important their job is in achieving that perfect brew. It takes years to learn the ins and outs of the process. There is no traditional route to becoming a coffee roaster, but they often start honing in their roasting skills with an apprenticeship. There are also many reputable coffee roasting programs which are designed to not only give you first-hand knowledge of professional roasting and production processes, but also to teach you how to let your passion for coffee filter through into your work.

Now that we have explored the coffee roasting process, you may be thinking of your local coffee roasters in a different light. We hope this has inspired you to start creating your own unique blends. Whether you choose to use your specialty coffee as a single origin coffee or as a good old blended coffee, make sure to remember to let your personality shine through! Good luck!

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