How to Grind Coffee Beans: The Ultimate Guide

Knowing how to grind coffee beans is a skill to master as coffee lovers. After all, they taste better when you do it yourself. Explore our guide here.

That precious coffee grind is what we need to make the perfect cup of coffee… and we’re not talking about pre-ground beans! Yes, that’s right. It’s time to find out how to grind coffee beans by yourself. But no need to fear, we’re here to help. The Waaqa Tribe have put together a guide on coffee grinding, so you can be one step further into mastering the art of coffee. So, let’s get started!

Why do I need to know how to grind coffee beans?

Grinding those beans yourself makes your cup of coffee taste better. That’s because the process releases the full flavour and freshness of the beans. Not only does it taste better, it’s also a wonderful experience that really helps you appreciate your coffee and the work that goes into it.

How to grind coffee beans

Now, let’s get straight to it. There are a few different ways and methods to grind those coffee beans, all of which will have a different effect on your cup of coffee. Have a look at some methods below:

Burr grinder

The Burr grinder is the best way to grind your beans (in our humble opinion). The burrs are the part of the grinder that crushes the coffee beans and makes sure the size is consistent so your coffee releases all its aroma. It also does this at a lower speed, meaning there’s no added heat, so your flavour stays intact. It sounds like magic, but we assure you, it’s all real!

Blade grinder

Some people use this method for grinding coffee, but we’re not fans. Because we want coffee-shop style, great-tasting coffee, this method can actually ruin the taste of our beans. Blade grinders work by spinning extremely fast, which causes heat and friction – both of which kill your coffee beans and leave you with a burnt flavour…yuck!

Coffee sieve

Now, if you already got the best burr grinder and you want to go the extra mile, a coffee sieve can be a way to go. After grinding your coffee, tap it through a coffee sieve and you’ll be able to filter out any large bits and pieces that are left over. This is especially good if you’re looking for a really fine grind.

And there you have your coffee grind! Remember, getting yourself some good quality coffee grinding equipment means you’ll be reaping the benefits of delicious coffee, time and time again.

What are the coffee grind levels?

To be an expert in coffee grinds, you’ll need to know the different levels of coffee grinding. Different methods of coffee brewing require different sized coffee grinds ! And don’t worry, you don’t need six different gadgets to achieve these levels of coarseness, simply change the size on your grinder.

How to grind coffee for each coffee machine

Each coffee machine requires a different coffee grind level, which then gives us a new and unique flavour with each method.  For most brewing methods, the grind size will be the way to control the flow time (the contact duration of the coffee grounds with the hot water), which will significantly impact the taste of your cup. This is perfect for us coffee lovers who crave variety! Let’s have a look at the different machines and grind levels.

Coarse grind

·        French press (press or plunger pot)

·        Toddy makers (cold brew method)

·        Vacuum coffee maker

·        Percolator

Medium grind

·        Auto drip makers

Medium/ fine grind

·        Drip Makers with cone-shaped filters

Fine grind

·        Stove top espresso pots

·        Some drip makers with cone-shaped filters

Fine / very fine grind

·        Espresso machines

Turkish grind

·        Turkish style coffee

5 mistakes to avoid when grinding coffee

We all make mistakes and mistakes when grinding coffee are not an exception. But it’s okay! We’ve got a few things to avoid on your coffee grinding journey. Practice makes perfect, after all.

  • Avoid using poor quality coffee beans

  • Don’t use expired coffee beans…check those expiry dates, people!

  • Avoid not matching your grind level to your brewing method (we’ve been through this!)

  • You don’t want to grind your coffee too early – batch grinding can ruin your coffee

  • Try to not grind too much or too little coffee

  • Clean your grinder regularly


Now that you know how to grind coffee beans, you’re one step further on your coffee-making journey. Congrats! Check out our article on single origin coffee, next.